Flower Care

When you receive one of our gorgeous posies, we want you to enjoy it for as long as possible!  Here are a few flower care tips to follow to ensure your posy stays fresh for longer.

  • Fill a clean vase ¾ full with fresh water.
  • Pour the contents of your flower food sachet into the vase.
  • Remove hessian wrap.
  • Snip approximately 2cm off all stems on a 45 degree angle with sharp scissors, then place into the vase water.
  • Place flowers in a cool, draft free position out of strong sunlight.
  • Change water every 1-2 days and re cut stems every other day to ensure they can take a good drink of fresh water. Flowers get thirsty and they don’t like bacteria that grow in the water.
  • Remove wilted or faded blooms to help prolong the life of the rest of the arrangement. Some flowers last longer than others, especially native flowers.

Hint: Native flowers dry out really well and make a great keepsake!


Native Christmas Wreath Tips

  • Avoid hanging the wreath in strong sunlight if possible.
  • Mist with fresh water, especially near the roots if possible, every few days.
  • Native flowers dry out really well so although the colours may fade as the flowers dry out, the wreath should last a few weeks.

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