Valentines Day, February 14th

I can’t believe its already February, the month of love and romance. Every year on Valentines Day, February 14th, millions of people across the globe send flowers, gifts and cards to loved ones expressing their love and affection. However, who is the mysterious Saint Valentine and where did these traditions come from?

There are a few legends, however one of them says Saint Valentine was a Roman Priest in the Third Century who conducted secret marriage ceremonies for soldiers, who under the rule of Emperor Claudius II were not allowed to marry. Claudius II believed that the men would make better soldiers if they remained single so he banned marriage for these young men. Saint Valentine disagreed with this new law and continued to marry these young men, however was imprisoned and eventually killed by Claudius II. Legend has it that Saint Valentine sent a message to his own lover whilst imprisoned, signed “From your Valentine” . In 496, Pope Gelasius decreed that 14th February would be a day to honour Saint Valentine. By the middle Ages Valentine was one of the most popular Saints in Europe and lovers exchanged cards with romantic verses and messages, often anonymously. This has carried on throughout the centuries and Valentines Day is now one of the busiest days of the year for a florist!

We will be flowering up Sydney’s North Shore on Thursday, February 14th with some extra special flowery loveliness. Show your special someone you love and appreciate them by sending them one of our gorgeous Grande Love Valentines Day bouquets. Pre-order yours now!

*Small Print: Images shown are recent examples, not the actual design and colour scheme you will receive. We create a beautiful design each week using seasonal blooms in our rustic, whimsical style. We promise our Grande Love Valentines Day bouquet will include roses and be absolutely gorgeous!

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